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Dissection of Larval Zebrafish Gonadal Tissue

Dissection of Larval Zebrafish Gonadal Tissue

Article DOI: 10.3791/55294 10:43 min April 26th, 2017
April 26th, 2017



Here, we present a protocol for isolating gonadal tissue of larval zebrafish, which will facilitate investigations of zebrafish sex differentiation and maintenance.



Dissection Larval Zebrafish Gonadal Tissue Molecular Properties Sex Development Genes Regulation Molecular Underpinnings Advantage Technique Cellular Status Biological Status Size Dynamic Remodel Preparation Adult Zebrafish Crossing Tank Mating Fertilization Eggs Embryo Medium Incubation Temperature Tanks Live Rotifers Brine Shrimp Recirculating Water System
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