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A Computational Method to Quantify Fly Circadian Activity

A Computational Method to Quantify Fly Circadian Activity

Article DOI: 10.3791/55977 13:05 min October 28th, 2017
October 28th, 2017



A method to quantify the main temporal features seen in fly circadian locomotor rhythms is presented. The quantification is achieved by fitting fly activity with a multi-parametric model waveform. The model parameters describe the shape and size of the morning and evening peaks of daily activity.



Computational Method Quantify Fly Circadian Activity Circadian Clock Locomotor Recordings Average Wild Type Locomotion Light-dark Cycle Biomodal Pattern Morning Peak Evening Peak Waveform Sinusoidal Oscillations Clock Genes Temporal Patterns Activity Data Model Waveform Exponential Terms Circadian Period Independent Parameters Morning Rise Morning Decay Evening Rise Evening Decay Widths Of Peaks Heights Of Peaks
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