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A View of Their Own

A View of Their Own: Capturing the Egocentric View of Infants and Toddlers with Head-Mounted Cameras

Article DOI: 10.3791/58445 03:56 min October 5th, 2018
October 5th, 2018



Infants and toddlers view the world in a fundamentally different way from their parents. Head-mounted cameras provide a tractable mechanism to understand the infant visual environment. This protocol provides guiding principles for experiments in the home or laboratory to capture the egocentric view of toddlers and infants.



Head-mounted Cameras Egocentric View Infants Toddlers Developmental Psychology Cognitive Sciences Visual Environment Behavior Perspective Adults Non-human Model Organisms Birds Bats Species In The Wild Head Camera Placement Children Fussy Sensitive Experimenter Confidence Graduate Students Sarah Shroer Catalina Suarez-Rivera Parent Involvement Desensitization Distracting Toys
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