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Quantification of Coenzyme A in Cells and Tissues

Quantification of Coenzyme A in Cells and Tissues

Article DOI: 10.3791/60182-v 08:51 min September 27th, 2019
September 27th, 2019



This method describes sample preparation from cultured cells and animal tissues, extraction and derivatization of coenzyme A in the samples, followed by high pressure liquid chromatography for purification and quantification of the derivatized coenzyme A by absorbance or fluorescence detection.



Coenzyme A CoA Cellular Metabolism Quantitative Measurements Nutritional States Hormonal States Animal Models CoA Derivatives Free CoA Neurodegeneration Brain Iron Accumulation CoA Biosynthetic Pathway Biological System Sample Preparation Potassium Hydroxide Solid-phase Extraction Biochemical Analysis Viable Cell Number
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