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Fabrication of Surface Acoustic Wave Devices on Lithium Niobate

Fabrication of Surface Acoustic Wave Devices on Lithium Niobate

Article DOI: 10.3791/61013-v 07:55 min June 18th, 2020
June 18th, 2020



Two fabrication techniques, lift-off and wet etching, are described in producing interdigital electrode transducers upon a piezoelectric substrate, lithium niobate, widely used to generate surface acoustic waves now finding broad utility in micro to nanoscale fluidics. The as-produced electrodes are shown to efficiently induce megahertz order Rayleigh surface acoustic waves. 



Fabrication Surface Acoustic Wave Devices Lithium Niobate Piezoelectric Substrates Cleaning Pre-break Hotplate Aluminum Foil Spin Coater Negative Photoresist Wafer Surface Area Photoresist Thickness Bake Hotplate Temperature Ultraviolet Energy Mask Aligner Energy Dose
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