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An Efficient Method for Adenovirus Production

An Efficient Method for Adenovirus Production

Article DOI: 10.3791/61691-v 10:06 min June 10th, 2021
June 10th, 2021



Here, we present a protocol for adenovirus production using the pAdEasy system. The technology includes the recombination of the pAdTrack and pAdEasy-1 plasmids, the adenovirus packaging and amplification, the purification of the adenoviral particles from cell lysate and culture medium, the viral titration, and the functional testing of the adenovirus.



Adenovirus Production Efficient Method Viral Transduction Laboratory Optimized Methodology AdEasy System Professor Vogelstein PAdTrack PAdEasy-1 Plasmid BJ5183 Bacteria Packaging Adenoviral Particles Amplification Of Adenovirus Purification Of Adenoviral Particles Viral Titration Functional Testing Harvesting Virus-producing Cells AD293 Cells Recombinant Plasmid GFP Expression Cell Detachment Green Fluorescence
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