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Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Human Brucellar Spondylodiscitis

Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Human Brucellar Spondylodiscitis

Article DOI: 10.3791/61840-v 06:23 min May 23rd, 2021
May 23rd, 2021



We describe a clinical algorithm, based on decades of front-line experience of diagnosis and surgical treatment of human Brucellar spondylodiscitis in the largest medical center of the China's Xinjiang Pastoral Area.



Diagnosis Surgical Treatment Human Brucellar Spondylodiscitis Clinical Features Therapeutic Guidelines Antibiotics Diagnostic Method Single-stage Surgical Treatment Transforaminal Decompression Debridement Interbody Fusion Internal Fixation Posterior-only Approach Initial Diagnosis Clinical Manifestations Radiographic Assessments Back Pain Fever Malaise Sweating Weight Loss Arthralgia Myalgias Plain Radiograph CT Scan MRI Scan
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