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Rapid Characterization of Genetic Parts with Cell-Free Systems

Rapid Characterization of Genetic Parts with Cell-Free Systems

Article DOI: 10.3791/62816-v 05:00 min August 30th, 2021
August 30th, 2021



Well-characterized genetic parts are necessary for the design of novel genetic circuits. Here we describe a cost-effective, high-throughput method for rapidly characterizing genetic parts. Our method reduces cost and time by combining cell-free lysates, linear DNA to avoid cloning, and acoustic liquid handling to increase throughput and reduce reaction volumes.



Rapid Characterization Genetic Parts Cell-free Systems PCR Cloning Technique Protocol Cell-free Expression Systems Commercial Kits PCR Master Mix Variable Primers Thermocycler Plasma DNA DpnI Restriction Enzyme Agarose Gel Band Size Linear Templates PCR Purification Kit
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