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Rodent Estrous Cycle Monitoring Utilizing Vaginal Lavage

Rodent Estrous Cycle Monitoring Utilizing Vaginal Lavage: No Such Thing As a Normal Cycle

Article DOI: 10.3791/62884-v 09:05 min August 30th, 2021
August 30th, 2021



This study details the crucial factors to consider in experimental designs involving female rats. In a larger sense, these data serve to decrease stigma and assist in the development of more inclusive diagnostic and intervention tools.



Rodent Estrous Cycle Monitoring Vaginal Lavage Comprehensive Technique Low Cost Time Effective Translational Research Individual Level Data Group Level Data Overall Profile Categorizing Components Conclusions Broad Range Of Research Areas Cardiology Neurology Pharmacology Reproductive Studies Handling The Rat Compression Style Hold Adolescent Aged Rats Vaginal Canal Syringe Sodium Chloride Expel Sodium Chloride Cell Types Characterization
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