Dual Bioluminescence Imaging of Tumor Progression and Angiogenesis

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Angiogenesis, as a crucial process of tumor progression, has become a research hotspot and target of anti-tumor therapy. However, there is no reliable model for tracing tumor progression and angiogenesis simultaneously in a visual and sensitive manner. Bioluminescence imaging displays its unique superiority in living imaging due to its advantages of high sensitivity, strong specificity, and accurate measurement. Presented here is a protocol to establish a tumor-bearing mouse model by injecting a Renilla luciferase-labeled murine breast cancer cell line 4T1 into the transgenic mouse with angiogenesis-induced Firefly luciferase expression. This mouse model provides a valuable tool to simultaneously monitor tumor progression and angiogenesis in real-time by dual bioluminescence imaging in a single mouse. This model may be widely applied in anti-tumor drug screening and oncology research.