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Высокая пропускная способность физического картирования хромосом использованием автоматизированных Published: June 28, 2012 doi: 10.3791/4007


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
22x22 mm microscope coverslips Fisher 12-544-10
18x18 mm microscope coverslips Fisher 12-553-402
Acetic acid Fisher A491-212
Methanol Fisher A412-4
Propionic acid Sigma-Aldrich 402907
Dremel 200 rotary tool with a Flex-Shaft attachment Rand 3" Multi-purpose Mini Bench Grinder (with rate limiter)
Specially designed 200 μl plastic tips (beaded plastic edges) for Dremel tool Pipetman F171300 Cut and heat fat end of pipet tips
Tin coated rapid vise Avenger Gold Toolmaker MTC-200-1 Precision ground square and parallel to within 0.00025
Torque wrench Craftsman 44593
ThermoBrite Slide Denaturation/Hybridization System Abbott Molecular 30-144110
25 mm barrier slides Abbott Molecular XT108-SL
25 mm coverslips Abbott Molecular XT122-90X
Xmatrx Automated Slide Staining System Abbott Molecular 08L46-001
MZ6 Leica stereomicroscope Leica VA-OM-E194-354 A different stereomicroscope can be used
Olympus CX41 Phase Microscope Olympus CX41RF-5 A different phase microscope can be used
ACCORD PLUS Automated Scanning System BioView (USA) BV-5000-ACCP
10x PBS Invitrogen P5493
10% NBF (neutral buffered formalin) Sigma-Aldrich HT501128
99% formamide Fisher Scientific BP227500
Dextran sulfate sodium salt Sigma D8906
20x SSC buffer Invitrogen AM9765
Sodium phosphate Sigma-Aldrich S3264
50x Denhardt's solution Sigma-Aldrich D2532
Sodium azide Sigma-Aldrich S2002
1 mM YOYO-1 iodide (491/509) solution in DMSO Invitrogen Y3601
ProLong Gold antifade reagent Invitrogen P36930
dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dTTP Fermentas R0141, R0151, R0161, R0171
Cy3-dUTP, Cy5-dUTP GE Healthcare PA53022, PA55022
BSA Sigma A3294
DNA polymerase I Fermentas EP0041
DNase I Fermentas EN0521



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Высокая пропускная способность физического картирования хромосом использованием автоматизированных<em&gt; На месте</em&gt; Гибридизация
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George, P., Sharakhova, M. V.,More

George, P., Sharakhova, M. V., Sharakhov, I. V. High-throughput Physical Mapping of Chromosomes using Automated in situ Hybridization. J. Vis. Exp. (64), e4007, doi:10.3791/4007 (2012).

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