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AFM आधारित एकल अणु शक्ति स्पेक्ट्रोस्कोपी के साथ Cellulosome के रिसेप्टर ligand सिस्टम की जांच कर

doi: 10.3791/50950 Published: December 20, 2013
* These authors contributed equally


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
3-Aminopropyl dimethyl ethoxysilane ABCR GmbH AB110423
5 kDa NHS-PEG-maleimide Rapp Polymer 13 5000-65-35
TCEP Disulfide reducing gel Thermo Scientific, Pierce 77712 www.thermoscientific.com/pierce
BioLever mini silicon nitride cantilevers Olympus BL-AC40TS-C2 Soft batches
XYZ Piezoelectric actuators Physik Instrumente GmbH
Infrared “broad spectrum” IR laser Superlum
MFP-3D AFM Controller Asylum Research
Igor Pro 6.31 Wavemetrics Data acquisition and analysis
Sodium chloride
Calcium chloride
pH Meter
Sodium borate
Cover glasses Thermo Scientific, Menzel-Gläser 24 mm diameter, 0.5 mm thickness
PTFE sample holder custom made
Sonicator bath
Ethanol analytical purity
Sulfuric acid (concentrated) analytical purity
Hydrogen peroxide (30%) analytical purity
Orbital shaker
Toluene analytical purity
Filter paper
Glass slides
Centrifuge suitable for microtubes
Petri dishes
Optical microscope



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AFM आधारित एकल अणु शक्ति स्पेक्ट्रोस्कोपी के साथ Cellulosome के रिसेप्टर ligand सिस्टम की जांच कर
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Jobst, M. A., Schoeler, C., Malinowska, K., Nash, M. A. Investigating Receptor-ligand Systems of the Cellulosome with AFM-based Single-molecule Force Spectroscopy. J. Vis. Exp. (82), e50950, doi:10.3791/50950 (2013).More

Jobst, M. A., Schoeler, C., Malinowska, K., Nash, M. A. Investigating Receptor-ligand Systems of the Cellulosome with AFM-based Single-molecule Force Spectroscopy. J. Vis. Exp. (82), e50950, doi:10.3791/50950 (2013).

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