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طرق لتسهيل النمو الميكروبي على اللب مطحنة النفايات تيارات وتوصيف إمكانات التحلل الحيوي من الميكروبات مثقف

Published: December 12, 2013 doi: 10.3791/51373


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
1,4-Dioxane (Certified ACS) Fisher D111 Flammable, preoxidizable chemical
Black Liquor Department of Forest Biomaterials at North Carolina State University N/A pH 12.72, 13.67% solids
Ethanol (microbiology grade) Fisher BP2818
Ethyl Acetate (ACS reagent grade) EMD EX0240-9 Flammable
Glacial acetic acid (Certified ACS) EMD AX0073 Corrosive
Guaiacol Sigma Aldrich PHR1136 Harmful by ingestion, corrosive
HP-5 capillary column Agilent 19091J-577 60 m x 0.18 mm internal diameter, 0.18 μm thickness
Hydrochloric acid (certified ACS) EMD HX0603P
N,O-Bis(trimethylsilyl)trifluoroacetamide with trimethylcholorsilane 99:1% (BSTFA) Fluka 15238 Flammable, causes skin burns and eye damage with contact
Na2SO4 (FCC grade) VWR BDH8026
NaClO2 (80%) Sigma Aldrich 244155 Flammable, toxic  
NaOH (certified ACS) EMD 1.06498.1000 Corrosive
Alkacid pH test ribbons Fisher A979
Phosphoric Acid (certified ACS) Fisher A242
Polaris Q mass spectrometer  Thermo Electron Corporation
Pyridine (99%) Alfa Aesar A12005 Flammable, toxic in contact with skin
Switchgrass Cherry Research Farm Goldsboro, NC N/A Harvested August 2011
Thermo Finnigan trace gas chromatograph Thermo Electron Corporation
Whatman no. 1 filter paper Whatman 1001-150



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طرق لتسهيل النمو الميكروبي على اللب مطحنة النفايات تيارات وتوصيف إمكانات التحلل الحيوي من الميكروبات مثقف
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Mathews, S. L., Ayoub, A. S.,More

Mathews, S. L., Ayoub, A. S., Pawlak, J., Grunden, A. M. Methods for Facilitating Microbial Growth on Pulp Mill Waste Streams and Characterization of the Biodegradation Potential of Cultured Microbes. J. Vis. Exp. (82), e51373, doi:10.3791/51373 (2013).

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