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Preparation of DMMTAV and DMDTAV Using DMAV for Environmental Applications

Preparation of DMMTAV and DMDTAV Using DMAV for Environmental Applications: Synthesis, Purification, and Confirmation

Article DOI: 10.3791/56603-v 06:23 min March 9th, 2018
March 9th, 2018



This article presents modified experimental protocols for dimethylmonothioarsinic acid (DMMTAV) and dimethyldithioarsinic acid (DMDTAV) synthesis, inducing dimethylarsinic acid (DMAV) thiolation through mixing of DMAV, Na2S, and H2SO4. The modified protocol provides an experimental guideline, thereby overcoming limitations of the synthesis steps that could have caused experimental failures in quantitative analysis.


DMMTAV DMDTAV DMAV Environmental Applications Synthesis Purification Confirmation Speciation Analysis Thioarsenicals Experimental Guideline Modified Technique Chemical Standards Fume Hood Dimethylmonothioarsinic Acid Sodium Sulfide Sulfuric Acid Deionized Water Nitrogen Gas Rinse Flask Rubber Stopper Glass Tubes Nitrogen Gas Line
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