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Animal Models of Depression - Chronic Despair Model (CDM)

Animal Models of Depression - Chronic Despair Model (CDM)

Article DOI: 10.3791/62579-v 05:47 min September 23rd, 2021
September 23rd, 2021



The chronic despair mouse model (CDM) of depression consists of repetitive forced swim sessions and another delayed swim phase as a read-out. It represents a suitable model for induction of a chronic depressive-like state stable for at least 4 weeks, amendable to evaluate subchronic and acute treatment interventions.



Animal Models Depression Chronic Despair Model Mice Mood Disorders Antidepressive Treatment Interventions Repetitive Stress Chronic Stress Rapid Acting Antidepressants Conventional Antidepressants Abnormalities Biting Barbering Parametric Tests Marking Labeling Weighing Forced Swim Session Water Height Drowning Prevention
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