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Interview: Bioreactors and Surfaced-Modified 3D-Scaffolds for Stem Cell Research

Article DOI: 10.3791/792-v 08:07 min May 21st, 2008
May 21st, 2008



In the past many in vitro culture systems -- mainly monolayer cultures -- often suffered from the disadvantage that differentiated primary cells had a relatively short life-span and de-differentiated during culture. As a consequence, most of their organ-specific functions were lost rapidly. Thus, in order to reproduce better conditions for these cells in vitro, modifications and adaptations have been made to conventional monolayer cultures.


Bioreactors Surfaced-modified 3D-scaffolds Stem Cell Research In Vitro Culture Systems Monolayer Cultures Differentiated Primary Cells Organ-specific Functions Modifications Adaptations CellChips Micro-thermoformed Containers Surface-patterning Signaling Molecules Sensors Signal Electrodes Basic Research Cell Biology Toxicology Pharmacology Biodegradable Polymers Clinical Applications Mass Production
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