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High-throughput, Robust and Highly Time-flexible Method for Surface Sterilization of Arabidopsis Seeds

Mingai Li1, Jiamei Yu1, Enrico Barbaro1, Claudio Varotto1


Arabidopsis is by far the plant model species most widely used for functional studies. The surface sterilization of Arabidopsis seeds is a fundamental step required towards this end. Thus, it is paramount to establish high-throughput Arabidopsis seed surface sterilization methods to handle tens to hundreds of samples (e.g., transgenic lines, ecotypes, or mutants) at once. A seed surface sterilization method based on the efficient elimination of liquid in tubes with a homemade suction device constructed from a common vacuum pump is presented in this study. By dramatically reducing labor-intensive hands-on time with this method handling several hundreds of samples in one day is possible with little effort. Series time-course analyses further indicated a highly flexible time range of surface sterilization by maintaining high germination rates. This method could be easily adapted for surface sterilization of other kinds of small seeds with simple customization of the suction device according to the seed size, and the speed desired to eliminate the liquid.

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