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Preparation of Meiotic Chromosome Spreads from Mouse Spermatocytes

Preparation of Meiotic Chromosome Spreads from Mouse Spermatocytes

Article DOI: 10.3791/55378-v 06:38 min November 22nd, 2017
November 22nd, 2017



Meiosis is the developmental process by which gametes are formed through a single round of DNA replication and two successive rounds of chromosome segregation. Mammalian meiosis can be examined by utilizing a technique to prepare meiotic chromosome spreads. Here, we demonstrate a method of preparing surface-spread nuclei from mouse spermatocytes.


Meiotic Chromosome Spreads Mouse Spermatocytes Male Meiosis Reproductive Biology Meiotic Recombination Chromosome Segregation Prophase 1 Testes Hypotonic Extraction Buffer Tubules Petri Dish Forceps Razor Blade Seminiferous Tubules
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