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Composition and Properties of Aquafaba

Composition and Properties of Aquafaba: Water Recovered from Commercially Canned Chickpeas

Article DOI: 10.3791/56305-v 10:36 min February 10th, 2018
February 10th, 2018



Aquafaba is a viscous juice from canned chickpea that, when stirred vigorously, produces a relatively stable white froth or foam. The primary research goal is to identify the components of aquafaba that contribute viscosifying/thickening properties using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), ultrafiltration, electrophoresis, and peptide mass fingerprinting.


Aquafaba Composition Properties Water Canned Chickpeas Milk Replacement Egg Replacement Thickening Agent Stabilizer Foaming Properties NMR Electrophoresis Seed Sorting Rinsing Hydration
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