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Micromanipulation of Chromosomes in Insect Spermatocytes

Micromanipulation of Chromosomes in Insect Spermatocytes

Article DOI: 10.3791/57359 05:45 min October 22nd, 2018
October 22nd, 2018



In this protocol, we describe the selection and preparation of appropriate cells for micromanipulation and the use of a piezoelectric micromanipulator to reposition chromosomes within those cells.



Micromanipulation Chromosomes Insect Spermatocytes Tension Spindle Checkpoint Spindle Attachment Chromosome Behavior Nonlethal Technique Living Cell Slide Preparation Cover Slip Vacuum Grease Halocarbon Oil Adult Male Crickets Dissecting Scissors Exoskeleton Forceps Testes Isolation Fine Pointing Forceps
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