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The Plant Infection Test

The Plant Infection Test: Spray and Wound-Mediated Inoculation with the Plant Pathogen Magnaporthe Grisea

Article DOI: 10.3791/57675 07:14 min August 4th, 2018
August 4th, 2018



Here, we present a protocol to test plant virulence with the plant pathogen Magnaporthe grisea. This report will contribute to the large-scale screening of the pathotypes of fungi isolates and serve as an excellent starting point for understanding the resistant mechanisms of plants during molecular breeding.



Plant Infection Test Spray Inoculation Wound-mediated Inoculation Plant Pathogen Magnaporthe Grisea Screening Of Pathotypes Large-scale Screening Prevention And Control Of Plant Diseases Conservation Pathogeny Mechanism Agriculture Plants Rice Barley Scraping Conidia Sterile Cotton Swabs Oatmeal Mixture Distilled Deionized Water Boiling Mixture Filtering Through Gauze Tomato Juice Agar
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