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Non-invasive Assessment of Dorsiflexor Muscle Function in Mice

Non-invasive Assessment of Dorsiflexor Muscle Function in Mice

Article DOI: 10.3791/58696-v 05:31 min January 17th, 2019
January 17th, 2019



Measurement of rodent skeletal muscle contractile function is a useful tool that can be used to track disease progression as well as efficacy of therapeutic intervention. We describe here the non-invasive, in vivo assessment of the dorsiflexor muscles that can be repeated over time in the same mouse.



Non-invasive Assessment Dorsiflexor Muscle Function Mice Muscle Contraction Function Force Production Mechanism Disease Progression Non-invasive Procedure Same Animal Different Time Points Monitor Disease Progression Treatment Visual Demonstration Consistent Results Mouse Knee Clamp Mouse Footplate Heating Platform Dynamic Muscle Control Software Run Time Parameters Autosave Base Enable Autosave DMC Control Screen Sequencer Open Sequence Load Sequence Prepare The Animal For Experiment Remove Hair
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