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A Modified Surgical Technique for Kidney Transplantation in Mice

A Modified Surgical Technique for Kidney Transplantation in Mice

Article DOI: 10.3791/63434-v 10:38 min July 22nd, 2022
July 22nd, 2022



This protocol presents a new surgical technique of mouse kidney transplantation focusing on a modified arterial anastomosis strategy. A vascular suture technique including a simple and safer ureter-bladder anastomosis method is also presented. These modifications shorten the operation time and improve the success rate of the mouse kidney transplantation procedure.



Modified Surgical Technique Kidney Transplantation Mice Vessel Anastomosis Ureteral Implantation Abdominal Kidney Transplantation Model Aorta Ligation Renal Artery Renal Vein Transection Recipient Abdominal Aorta Anastomosis Ureteral Artery Preservation Anesthesia Isoflurane Inhalation Mouse Weight Intraperitoneal Injection Ketamine Xylazine Acepromazine Abdominal Fur Clipping Operation Table Fixation
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