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Testing Epithelial Permeability in Fetal Tissue-Derived Enteroids

Testing Epithelial Permeability in Fetal Tissue-Derived Enteroids

Article DOI: 10.3791/64108-v 07:51 min June 16th, 2022
June 16th, 2022



This protocol details the establishment of enteroids, a three-dimensional intestinal model, from fetal intestinal tissue. Immunofluorescent imaging of epithelial biomarkers was used for model characterization. Apical exposure of lipopolysaccharides, a bacterial endotoxin, using microinjection technique induced epithelial permeability in a dose-dependent manner measured by the leakage of fluorescent dextran.


Epithelial Permeability Fetal Tissue-derived Enteroids In Vitro Model Premature Epithelium Gut Luminal Environment Leaky Gut Disease Vascular Leakage Protocol Intestine Segments Petri Dish Organoid Growth Medium Intestinal Tube Dissecting Micro-scissors Forceps Epithelial Cells Fascia Cell Clumps Basement Membrane Matrix Mix
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