Enkeltlags Kontakt doping af silicium overflader og nanotråde Brug organophosphorforbindelser

1Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Hazut, O., Agarwala, A., Subramani, T., Waichman, S., Yerushalmi, R. Monolayer Contact Doping of Silicon Surfaces and Nanowires Using Organophosphorus Compounds. J. Vis. Exp. (82), e50770, doi:10.3791/50770 (2013).

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Name Company Catalog Number Comments
High purity silicon wafers Topsil -
50 nm Si3N4/50 nm SiO2/Si wafers Silicon Valley Microelectronics -
Sulfuric Acid 98% BioLab 19550523
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% J.T. Baker 2190-03
Ammonium Hydroxide 25% J.T. Baker 6051
Ethanol J.T. Baker 8025
Mesitylene Sigma M7200
Dichloromethane Macron 4881-06
Tetraethyl methylenediphosphonate Aldrich 359181
Mineral Oil Sigma M3516
Hydrofluoric Acid 49% J.T. Baker 9564-06
Isopropanol J.T. Baker 9079-05
N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone J.T. Baker 9397-05
AZ nLOF2020 AZ Electronic Materials nLOF 2020
AZ 726 MIF AZ Electronic Materials 726 MIF
Poly-L-Lysine solution Sigma P8920
Gold colloid solution Ted Pella 82160-80
RTA system AnnealSys MicroAS
4 point probe sheet resistance measurement system Jandel RM3-AR
Mask aligner Suss MA06
e-Beam evaporator VST TFDS-141E
Semiconductor analyzer Agilent B1500A
CVD system - - Home-built



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