Räumliche Trennung von Molecular Konformere und Cluster


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Horke, D., Trippel, S., Chang, Y. P., Stern, S., Mullins, T., Kierspel, T., Küpper, J. Spatial Separation of Molecular Conformers and Clusters. J. Vis. Exp. (83), e51137, doi:10.3791/51137 (2014).

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Dye laser system various, e.g. Coherent, Spectra Physics, Syrah, LIOP-TEC, Radiant Dyes…
Pulsed valve Even-Lavie
High voltage power supply eg. FUG HCP 14-20000
Deflector Custom made
Time-of-flight spectrometer Jordan TOF C-677
TOF power supply Jordan TOF D-603
Focusing lens Thorlabs LA4745
Translation stage e.g. Vision Lasertechnik 8MT167-25
Digitizer e.g. Agilent Acquiris DC440
Digital delay generator Stanford Systems SRS DG645
Molecular beam skimmer Beam Dynamics Inc. http://www.beamdynamicsinc.com/



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