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Protocole optimisé pour la rétine Wholemount Préparation pour l'imagerie et immunohistochimie

Published: December 13, 2013 doi: 10.3791/51018


Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Millicell Cell Culture Insert, 12 mm,
hydrophilic PTFE (Biopore), 0.4 μm
Millipore PICM01250
Insulin syringe, 1 ml Beckton Dickinson 309659
Scissors Fine Science Tools 15003-08 dissection
Forceps, Dumont #55, inox Fine Science Tools 11255-20 dissection
Cryostat Leica various
Confocal Microscope System Nikon various
Capillary glass World Precision Instruments 1B150F-4
P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller Sutter Instrument Co.
Picospritzer III Parker Hannifin
Glass Bottom Culture Dishes MatTek Corporation P35G-0-14-C
Petri dish Falcon 1008
Disposable Graduated Transfer Pipettes VWR 16001-180
Multiwell plates, 24-well Beckton Dickinson 351147
Cover glass, #1 Electron Microscopy Sciences 72200-30
Polysine adhesion slides Electron Microscopy Sciences 63412-01
Microscope slides Globe 1301
Liquid Blocker Electron Microscopy Sciences 71312
VECTASHIELD mounting medium Vector Laboratories H-1000
OCT medium Sakura 4583
Parafilm laboratory film Fisher 13-374-10
Dow Corning high vacuum grease Sigma-Aldrich Z273554
Mouse anti-PSD95 Millipore MABN68 antibody
Donkey anti-mouse Alexa 568 Invitrogen A10037 antibody
Isolectin Alexa 488 Invitrogen I21411
Chemiblocker Chemicon 2170S
Triton X-100 Sigma-Aldrich T9284
Sulforhodamine Sigma-Aldrich 341738
Carbodiimide Thermo Scientific 22980 EDC
Paraformaldehyde Sigma-Aldrich P6148



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Protocole optimisé pour la rétine Wholemount Préparation pour l'imagerie et immunohistochimie
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Ivanova, E., Toychiev, A. H., Yee,More

Ivanova, E., Toychiev, A. H., Yee, C. W., Sagdullaev, B. T. Optimized Protocol for Retinal Wholemount Preparation for Imaging and Immunohistochemistry. J. Vis. Exp. (82), e51018, doi:10.3791/51018 (2013).

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