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Procedures for Rat in situ Skeletal Muscle Contractile Properties

Procedures for Rat in situ Skeletal Muscle Contractile Properties

Article DOI: 10.3791/3167-v 09:49 min October 15th, 2011
October 15th, 2011



This video demonstrates the surgical preparation and procedures needed to study the contractile responses of the rat medial gastrocnemius muscle preparation in situ. This preparation allows measurement of skeletal muscle contractile properties under physiological conditions. The animal is anesthetized and the muscle is separated from surrounding tissue at its distal end. The Achilles tendon is attached to a force transducer, allowing measurement of the muscle’s contractile response at 37 degrees C with an intact circulation.


In Situ Skeletal Muscle Contractile Properties Rat Muscle Preparation Physiological Circumstances Posttetanic Potentiation Staircase Fatigue Disease Disuse Injury Training Drug Treatment Anesthesia Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle Isolation Blood Supply Nerve Supply Sciatic Nerve Clearance Stainless Steel Stimulating Wires Calcaneus Severance Sonometric Crystals Electromyography Electrodes Immobilization Force Transducer Paraffin Oil
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