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The c-FOS Protein Immunohistological Detection

The c-FOS Protein Immunohistological Detection: A Useful Tool As a Marker of Central Pathways Involved in Specific Physiological Responses In Vivo and Ex Vivo

Article DOI: 10.3791/53613 05:44 min April 25th, 2016
April 25th, 2016



Here, we present a protocol based on c-FOS protein immunohistological detection, a classical technique used for the identification of neuronal populations involved in specific physiological responses in vivo and ex vivo.



C-FOS Protein Immunohistological Detection Marker Central Pathways Physiological Responses In Vivo Ex Vivo Neuronal Activity Brain Mapping Brain Regions Neurophysiological Field Brain Tissues C-FOS Gene Stimulation Quantification Test Simulation Coronal Brain Stem Sections Wash PBS Endogenous Peroxidase Activity Hydrogen Peroxide Block Nonspecific Binding Sites Goat Serum PBST Polyclonal Antibody
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