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Fabricating a UV-Vis and Raman Spectroscopy Immunoassay Platform

Fabricating a UV-Vis and Raman Spectroscopy Immunoassay Platform

Article DOI: 10.3791/54795 09:02 min November 10th, 2016
November 10th, 2016



Nanoparticle-based optical probes have been designed as a vehicle for detecting antigens using Raman and UV-Vis spectroscopy. Here we describe a protocol for preparing such probes for a UV-Vis/Raman spectroscopy immunoassay in such a way to incorporate future multiplexing capabilities.



UV-Vis Raman Spectroscopy Immunoassay Platform Gold Nano Particles Optical Methods Assay Validation Functionalization Optical Absorption Light Scattering Customizable Platform Biomarkers Bi-functional Crosslinking Agent Pyridyl Disulfide PEG-NHS Sodium Bicarbonate Antibody Solution
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