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Intracranial Pharmacotherapy and Pain Assays in Rodents

Intracranial Pharmacotherapy and Pain Assays in Rodents

Article DOI: 10.3791/58473-v 02:26 min April 9th, 2019
April 9th, 2019



Here we present a protocol to perform intracranial pharmacological experiments followed by pain behavior assays in rodents. This protocol allows researchers to deliver molecular and cellular targets in the brain, for pharmacologic agents in the treatment of pain.



Intracranial Pharmacotherapy Pain Assays Rodents Acute Pain Behavior Intracranial Injections Synergistic Pharmacological Effects Study Drugs Intracranial Cannula AMPAkine Analgesic Effect Co-administered Intraperitoneally Delivered Morphine Drug Activation
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