En vivo doble sustrato bioluminiscentes imagen


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Wendt, M. K., Molter, J., Flask, C. A., Schiemann, W. P. In vivo Dual Substrate Bioluminescent Imaging. J. Vis. Exp. (56), e3245, doi:10.3791/3245 (2011).

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Name Company Catalog Number Comments
pGL4.2-Puro [luc2/Puro] Vector Promega Corp. E6751
Glomax Mult-idection system Promega Corp.
IVIS 200 series Caliper Life Sciences
Dual luciferase reporter Assay system Promega Corp. E1960
Rediject c–lenterazine-h Caliper Life Sciences 760506
D-Luciferin K-Salt Caliper Life Sciences 122796



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