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One-channel Cell-attached Patch-clamp Recording

One-channel Cell-attached Patch-clamp Recording

Article DOI: 10.3791/51629-v 13:07 min June 9th, 2014
June 9th, 2014



Described here is a procedure for obtaining long stretches of current recording from one ion channel with the cell-attached patch-clamp technique. This method allows for observing, in real time, the pattern of open-close channel conformations that underlie the biological signal. These data inform about channel properties in undisturbed biological membranes.


One-channel Cell-attached Patch-clamp Recording Ion Channel Proteins Ionic Flux Operational Dynamics NMDA Receptor HEK293 Cells Cortical Neurons Ligand-gated Ion Channel Conductance Properties Open-closed Conformations Activation Mechanism Health And Disease
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