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Molecular Entanglement and Electrospinnability of Biopolymers

Molecular Entanglement and Electrospinnability of Biopolymers

Article DOI: 10.3791/51933-v 07:59 min September 3rd, 2014
September 3rd, 2014



Electrospinning is a fascinating technique used to fabricate micro- to nano-scale fibers from a wide variety of materials. Molecular entanglement of the constituent polymers in the spinning dope is essential for successful electrospinning. We present a protocol for utilizing rheology to evaluate the electrospinnability of two biopolymers, starch and pullulan.


Keywords: Molecular Entanglement Electrospinnability Biopolymers Rheology Starch Pullulan DMSO/water Dispersions Molecular Conformation Shear Viscosity Fiber Formation
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