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The Indirect Neuron-astrocyte Coculture Assay

The Indirect Neuron-astrocyte Coculture Assay: An In Vitro Set-up for the Detailed Investigation of Neuron-glia Interactions

Article DOI: 10.3791/54757 11:08 min November 14th, 2016
November 14th, 2016



This protocol describes the indirect neuron-astrocyte coculture for compartmentalized analysis of neuron-glia interactions.



Indirect Neuron-astrocyte Coculture Assay In Vitro Set-up Detailed Investigation Neuron-glia Interactions Impact Of Astrocytes Synapse Formation Primary Astrocytes Primary Embryonic Neurons Permeable Membrane Exchanges Between Cell Types Synapse Formation Monitoring Individual Roles Of Astrocytes And Neurons Secretome Analysis Reciprocal Influence Of Cell Compartments Insights Into Interactions Between Neurons And Astrocytes Rat Model Organisms
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