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Microfluidic Production of Lysolipid-Containing Temperature-Sensitive Liposomes

Microfluidic Production of Lysolipid-Containing Temperature-Sensitive Liposomes

Article DOI: 10.3791/60907-v 09:51 min March 3rd, 2020
March 3rd, 2020



The protocol presents the optimized parameters for preparing thermosensitive liposomes using the staggered herringbone micromixer microfluidics device. This also allows co-encapsulation of doxorubicin and indocyanine green into the liposomes and the photothermal-triggered release of doxorubicin for controlled/triggered drug release.



Microfluidics Lysolipid-containing Temperature-sensitive Liposomes Nanoparticle Size Reproducibility Scalability Continuous High-throughput Production Chemotherapeutic Drug Fluorescent Dye Cell Preparation Lipid Film Hydration Extrusion Clinical Applications Liquid Volume Control Syringe Pumps Pump-to-pump Network Cable Master Syringe Pump Staggard Herringbone Micromixer Microfluidic Device
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