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Laser-Induced Brain Injury in the Motor Cortex of Rats

Laser-Induced Brain Injury in the Motor Cortex of Rats

Article DOI: 10.3791/60928-v 07:05 min September 26th, 2020
September 26th, 2020



The protocol presented here shows a technique to create a rodent model of brain injury. The method described here uses laser irradiation and targets motor cortex.



Laser-induced Brain Injury Motor Cortex Rats Traumatic Brain Injury Laser Irradiation Focus Impact Infarct Area Mortality Rates Simplicity Of Procedure Dmitry Natanel Researcher Sprague Dawley Rats Control Group Heating Pad Shaver Disinfect Stereotaxic Head Holder Incision Nd:YAG Laser Peak Wavelength Joules Pulse Duration Skull Surgical Sutures
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