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The Use of Cystometry in Small Rodents

The Use of Cystometry in Small Rodents: A Study of Bladder Chemosensation

Article DOI: 10.3791/3869-v 08:08 min August 21st, 2012
August 21st, 2012



Cystometry is an efficient technique to measure bladder function of small animals in vivo. The bladder is continuously infused at rates controlled through an intravesical catheter, whereas the urethra is left free for micturition. This allows for repetitive filling and emptying of the bladder, while intravesical pressure and voided volume are recorded.


Cystometry Small Rodents Bladder Chemosensation Lower Urinary Tract Urothelium Noxious Chemicals TRPV1 Agonist Capsaicin Neurogenic Bladder Overactivity Chemosensory Organ Clinical Research Animal Models Intravesical Pressure Laparotomy
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