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Staining Protocols for Human Pancreatic Islets

Staining Protocols for Human Pancreatic Islets

Article DOI: 10.3791/4068-v 07:48 min May 23rd, 2012
May 23rd, 2012



This video demonstrates procedures for characterization of human pancreatic islets using hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) and immunohistochemistry (IHC). Pancreatic sections from head, body, and tail regions are stained by both H&E and IHC to determine islet endocrine composition (insulin, glucagon, and pancreatic polypeptide), cell replication (Ki67), and inflammatory infiltrates (H&E, CD3). The uncinate region is localized using IHC for pancreatic polypeptide.


Staining Protocols Human Pancreatic Islets Islet Area Endocrine Cell Composition Processing And Staining Procedure Histopathology Immunolocalization Examinations Standardized Procedures Transverse Sections Pancreatic Head Pancreas Tail Serial Sectioning Histopathological Characterization Islet Endocrine Cells Replication T-cell Infiltrates Exocrine Compartment Ductular Components
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