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Neonatal Pial Surface Electroporation

Neonatal Pial Surface Electroporation

Article DOI: 10.3791/51319-v 06:22 min May 7th, 2014
May 7th, 2014



The pial surface is a unique progenitor zone in the CNS that is receiving increasing attention. Herein, we detail a method for rapid genetic manipulation of this progenitor zone using a modified electroporation method. This procedure can be used for cellular and molecular investigations of cell lineages and signaling pathways involved in cell differentiation and to elucidate the fate and properties of daughter cells.


Neonatal Pial Surface Electroporation Germinal Niche Embryonic Perinatal Adult Neuro- And Gliogenesis Genetic Interrogation Lineage Tracking Viruses Progress Investigations Electroporation Neural Stem Cells Genetic Manipulation Labeling Progenitors Time-saving Economical Approach
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