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3D Whole-heart Myocardial Tissue Analysis

3D Whole-heart Myocardial Tissue Analysis

Article DOI: 10.3791/54974 06:53 min April 12th, 2017
April 12th, 2017



This protocol describes a novel method for the 3D comparison of whole-heart myocardial tissue with MRI. This is designed for the accurate assessment of intramyocardial injections in the infarct border zone of a chronic porcine model of myocardial infarction.



3D Whole-heart Myocardial Tissue Analysis Intramyocardial Injections Infarct Border Zone Cardioregenerative Medicine Injection Techniques Standardized Method Reproducible Method Cardiac Regenerative Therapies Injection Accuracy Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy Local Vasculogenesis Cardiomyocytes Protection End Diastolic Phase Pericardium Microbead Injected Heart Klinkenberg Scissors Ascending Aorta Aortic Valve Inferior Caval And Pulmonary Veins Plastic Embedding Container
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