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Techniques to Induce and Quantify Cellular Senescence

Techniques to Induce and Quantify Cellular Senescence

Article DOI: 10.3791/55533 06:51 min May 1st, 2017
May 1st, 2017



Cellular senescence, the irreversible state of cell-cycle arrest, can be induced by various cellular stresses. Here, we describe protocols to induce cellular senescence and methods to assess markers of senescence.



Cellular Senescence Techniques Induction Of Cellular Senescence Quantification Of Cellular Senescence Toolbox For Cellular Senescence Monitoring Cellular Senescence Quantifying Cellular Senescence Identification Of Cellular Senescence Biologic Factors In Aging Methods For Monitoring Cellular Senescence Tissue Culture Incubator Gamma Irradiation For Inducing Senescence Morphological Changes In Senescent Cells Senescence-associated Beta-galactosidase Assay Kit
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