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Aseptic Laboratory Techniques

Aseptic Laboratory Techniques: Volume Transfers with Serological Pipettes and Micropipettors

Article DOI: 10.3791/2754-v 11:43 min May 31st, 2012
May 31st, 2012



When working in a laboratory, it is imperative to minimize sources of contamination. Aseptic technique refers to procedures that permit transfer of cultures and reagents while avoiding contact with non-sterile surfaces. Serological pipettes and micropipettors are used to measure precise volumes without compromising sterility of solutions used in experiments.


Aseptic Laboratory Techniques Volume Transfers Serological Pipettes Micropipettors Microorganisms Potential Contaminants Experimental Success Sterile Workspace Aseptic Transfer Of Liquids Manipulating Instruments Sterile Field Training And Practice
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