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Protrusion Force Microscopy

Protrusion Force Microscopy: A Method to Quantify Forces Developed by Cell Protrusions

Article DOI: 10.3791/57636 06:38 min June 16th, 2018
June 16th, 2018



Here, we detail the experimental techniques used to evaluate the protrusion forces that podosomes apply on a compliant film, from the preparation of the film to the automated analysis of topographical images.



Protrusion Force Microscopy Quantify Forces Cell Protrusions Atomic Force Microscopy Formula Coated Grids Film Thickness Measurement Cell Adhesion Image Analysis Podosomes Deformation Of Film Force Quantification Mechanical Model Film Casting Device Formvar Solution Stream Rate Concentration Of Formvar Solution Cutting Rectangles Acetone Clean Grids Thickness Assessment Experiment
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