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Methodology for Accurate Detection of Mitochondrial DNA Methylation

Methodology for Accurate Detection of Mitochondrial DNA Methylation

Article DOI: 10.3791/57772 12:11 min May 20th, 2018
May 20th, 2018



Here, we present a protocol to allow accurate quantification of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) methylation. In this protocol, we describe an enzymatic digestion of DNA with BamHI coupled with a bioinformatic analysis pipeline which can be used to avoid overestimation of mtDNA methylation levels caused by the secondary structure of mtDNA.



Bisulfite Sequencing Protocol Bioinformatic Pipeline Mitochondrial DNA Methylation Human Disease Quantification BamH1 Digestion Sodium Bisulfite Treatment Mitochondrial Genome Map Bisulfite Sequencing Displacement Loop TRNA Phenylalanine 12S Ribosome 16S Ribosome NADH Dehydrogenase 5 Cytochrome B MRNA Encoding Gene Primer Design BiSearch PCR Amplification Hot-start Taq Polymerase
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