Nonhuman Primate Lung Decellularization og Recellularization Ved hjelp av en Specialized Stor-orgel bioreaktor


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Bonvillain, R. W., Scarritt, M. E., Pashos, N. C., Mayeux, J. P., Meshberger, C. L., Betancourt, A. M., Sullivan, D. E., Bunnell, B. A. Nonhuman Primate Lung Decellularization and Recellularization Using a Specialized Large-organ Bioreactor. J. Vis. Exp. (82), e50825, doi:10.3791/50825 (2013).

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Name Company Catalog Number Comments
Sodium nitroprusside Sigma-Aldrich 71778-25G
Heparin sodium salt Fisher BP2425
Triton X-100 Fisher BP151-100
Sodium deoxycholate Fisher BP349-100
Sodium chloride Fisher 7647-14-5
Bovine pancreatic DNase Sigma-Aldrich DN25 Prepare stock, aliquot, and freeze
Magnesium sulfate Fisher 10034-99-8
Calcium chloride Fisher C614-500
PBS (no Ca/Mg) Gibco, Life Technologies 10010-031
Antibiotic-Antimycotic Gibco Life Technologies 15240062
Cell Culture Media
Alpha MEM Gibco Life Technologies 12561-072
Medium 199 Gibco Life Technologies 11150067
Premium Fetal Bovine Serum Atlanta Biologicals S11150
L-Glutamine 100x Gibco Life Technologies 25030-081
Endothelial Cell Growth Supplement (ECGS) ScienCell 1052
Antibiotic-Antimycotic Gibco Life Technologies 15240062
Cell Seeding and Bioreactor Culture
Check valves Cole-Parmer EW-98553-20
Y-connectors Cole-Parmer ED-30614-08
3-Way stopcocks Harvard Apparatus 721664
MasterFlex L/S 14 tubing Cole-Parmer 96420-14
MasterFlex L/S 16 tubing Cole-Parmer 96420-16
Male lock Luer 1/8 in Cole-Parmer EW-45505-04
Female Luer 1/8 in Cole-Parmer SI-45502-04
Male Luer lock plug Cole-Parmer EW-45505-56
Injection ports Medi-Dose EPS IV2004
Latex tubing St. Louis Medical Suppy HN10910
Hose clamp Cole-Parmer EW-06832-02
2 L Wide-mouth jar Fisher 05-719-276
60 ml Syringes Fisher NC9035364



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