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Step-specific Sorting of Mouse Spermatids by Flow Cytometry

Step-specific Sorting of Mouse Spermatids by Flow Cytometry

Article DOI: 10.3791/53379-v 06:31 min December 31st, 2015
December 31st, 2015



We describe a sorting strategy for mouse spermatids using flow cytometry. Spermatids are sorted into four highly pure populations, including round (spermiogenesis steps 1-9), early elongating (spermiogenesis steps 10-12), late elongating (spermiogenesis steps 13-14) and elongated spermatids (spermiogenesis steps 15-16). DNA staining, size and granulosity are used as selection parameters.


Mouse Spermatids Flow Cytometry Sorting Differentiation Male Gamete Genome Molecular Studies Morphological Transition Separation Analyses Gating DNA Fluorescence Chromatin Remodeling Purification Populations Markers Morphological Criteria Genomic Analysis Proteomic Analysis
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