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Promoter Capture Hi-C

Promoter Capture Hi-C: High-resolution, Genome-wide Profiling of Promoter Interactions

Article DOI: 10.3791/57320 10:16 min June 28th, 2018
June 28th, 2018



DNA regulatory elements, such as enhancers, control gene expression by physically contacting target gene promoters, often through long-range chromosomal interactions spanning large genomic distances. Promoter Capture Hi-C (PCHi-C) identifies significant interactions between promoters and distal regions, enabling the assignment of potential regulatory sequences to their target genes.



Promoter Capture Hi-C High-resolution Genome-wide Profiling Promoter Interactions Regulatory Elements Transcriptional Enhancers Long-range Chromosomal Interactions Gene Regulatory Elements Three-dimensional Architecture Gene Expression Control Detection Of Significant Promoter Interactions Noncoding Disease Associative Sequence Variants Regulatory Control Sequences Therapy Implications Cell Collection And Centrifugation Medium With 10% FBS Methanol-free Paraformaldehyde Fixation Quenching Reaction With Ice-cold Glycine
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