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Practical Use of RNA Interference

Practical Use of RNA Interference: Oral Delivery of Double-stranded RNA in Liposome Carriers for Cockroaches

Article DOI: 10.3791/57385 08:26 min May 1st, 2018
May 1st, 2018



This manuscript demonstrates the depletion of gene expression in the midgut of the German cockroach through oral ingestion of double-stranded RNA encapsulated in liposomes.



RNA Interference Double-stranded RNA Liposome Carriers Gene Expression Depletion Pest Control Methods Oral Delivery Cockroaches Essential Genes Target Cell Anesthetize Cockroaches Dissecting Scissors Coxa Trochanter Hemolymph Collections Micropipette Bleeding Hemolymph Microcentrifuge Tube Insect Saline Buffer
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