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Gene Trapping Using Gal4 in Zebrafish

Gene Trapping Using Gal4 in Zebrafish

Article DOI: 10.3791/50113-v 13:34 min September 29th, 2013
September 29th, 2013



This protocol describes the method of gene trap insertional mutagenesis using Gal4-VP16 as the primary reporter and GFP/RFP as secondary reporters in zebrafish. Approximately one in ten high-expressing F0 fish yield gene trap progeny co-expressing GFP and RFP. The screening procedure can be readily scaled to adapt to the size of the laboratory performing the insertional mutagenesis screen.


Artificial Intelligence Gene Trap Gal4 Zebrafish Insertional Mutagenesis Fluorescent Reporters Enhancer Trap Gene Trap Gene Breaking Transposon (GBT) Gal4-VP16 UAS:eGFP Transgene Expression Signal Sequence Nuclear Proteins Cytoplasmic Proteins Plasma Membrane Proteins
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